At ABG accountancy we take pride in providing useful information, irrespective of whether you are a current client.
We have started to produce a range of ‘Free Information Booklets’ that we think you will find both useful and information. Take a look at the booklets we currently have available for you

HMRC Compulsory Payroll Changes – Are You Ready for RTI?
Your Questions Answered

RTI jpg

  • What is RTI ?
  • What information and how often will I have to communicate with HMRC?
  • How will these new arrangements affect my business?
  • How much will these changes cost my business?
  • Will I need new Payroll software?
    • What are the penalties for non-compliance ?


How To Grow Your Business
Are you making these mistakes?

6 Serious Sins report

  • Are you driving without a Sat Nav?
  • How much farming are you doing?
  • Do you know your buyers explicit needs?
  • Have you heard about the Social Media Golden Rule?
  • Do you know what works and what doesn’t?
  • Are you suffering from inertia?

HMRC Tax Investigations –Are You Protected?

Tax Investigations

  • HMRC tax Investigations have increased over the past two years
    • The Treasury are putting HMRC under pressure to collect more tax
    • They have more powerful computer systems at their disposal
    • What goes on the web, stays on the web
    • HMRC can link up information about you to create a bigger picture
    • What can you do to protect yourself?

Click on any of the booklets to order your FREE copy


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