Grow your business and save tax at the same timeWe have arranged a Free Business Growth Seminar in conjunction with Metro Bank – Guildford so we would like to invite you to this unique event

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll learn about some great techniques to help you ‘Grow Your Business’
  • A ‘6 Steps To Business Growth’ action book
  • We will show you how to ‘reduce your tax bill’
  • You’ll be given a very useful ‘tax saving checklist
  • A chance to ‘network and promote your business’ to like-minded MD/Business Owners in the Guildford area.
  • We will send you some networking tips before the event.
  • Refreshments and Free Prize Draw

It all takes place at Metro Bank-Guildford on Thursday 24th October, starting at 6.00pm and finishing at 8.00pm

So if you want to ‘keep more of what you earn whilst growing your business’ then call us on 01932 844341 or e-mail info@abgaccountancy.co.uk

More details are on our website http://www.abgaccountancy.co.uk


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